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We limit the customer to be allowed to only redeem 1 reward at a time.

For security purposes, we limit the customer to a certain amount of scans per day, and a minimum amount of time required between two scans.

For security purposes, a receipt older than 7 days will not be accepted by the program.

Birthday offers are only valid for the day of your birthday. If the offer is still valid, it will be under “Offers”.

The reward for referring a friend is only sent to a user after their friend checks in for the first time.

No. Each receipt can only be used once.

No, the total value of $10 must be used with one redemption.

If you do not use your redemption code, your reward/offer will return to your account until the offer expires.

The points you’ve accumulated can be found under “Account Balance”

The guest will need to use the “Forgot Password” link available to them on the login screen.